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“We need to recognize that in planning our clients' future, we're dealing with ambiguity, not risk…The bottom line for investors today is being less concerned with the probability of success and more concerned with the consequences of failure. And the bottom line for brokers, reps and other financial advisors is finding ways to model portfolios realistically.”
- Harold Evensky, CFP, AIF

Fortune Telling vs Retirement Planning
If you want predictions, see a fortune teller.  If you want realistic retirement stress testing, use Nest Egg Guru.
  • A problem with applying Monte Carlo simulation analysis to retirement portfolios is that market returns are inherently unpredictable.

  • If your Monte Carlo app's mean returns and standard deviation assumptions turn out to be wrong, the probability estimates you give your clients may be meaningless.

  • Your clients don't want "probabilities of success". What they need to know is, "If things go badly in the investment markets, will I still be okay".

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