Retirement Calculators

Nest Egg Guru is unlike any financial planning app you may have tried before. In addition to the calculators' sleek, intuitive design, the savings and spending apps each feature unique functionality that offers a refreshingly different perspective on retirement planning.

Retirement Savings CalculatorPremium
One Day Pass — $1.99

See how changing variables that are within your control (e.g., retirement age, contribution amount, investment allocation, investment expenses, etc.) may affect the value of your nest egg across a diverse range of potential investment outcomes.

Retirement Spending CalculatorPremium
One Day Pass — $1.99

Use this app to test how different factors impact how long your nest egg may last in retirement. Use the remaining balance data in the simulation results to help quantify the trade-off between income sustainability and the value that may be left for one’s heirs.

Premium Calculators
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Financial Professionals

Make your website a hub for client activity and strengthen client relationships by incorporating a custom branded version of Nest Egg Guru. Subscriptions include unlimited use of both calculators.

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